The Goal

The needs of the people in Ghana are great. They suffer under many unfortunate circumstances. Everywhere there is a lack of work, insufficient nutrition, clean drinking water, clothes and medical supplies. Orphans often don’t get the necessary care and support.
Only every 2nd child can attend school. 67% of the population are illiterate. In many cases there is no perspective or motivation to develop oneself and change the circumstances of life.

We contribute by:
– helping people to help themselves
– providing basic medical supplies
– building an orphanage
– providing school education and vocational training
– teaching the principles of life from God’s word

Development Status of the project:
– The property has been purchased and connected to the country road and
power supply system.
– A water supply has been secured by drilling out a well.
– A social center and a hospital ward have been built.
– The planning of an orphanage has been commissioned.

Fresh Water

School Building